• Another 1k

    Here’s another pic from today’s dive, which was the last of 3 dives we did over yesterday and today. I’ll be posting quite a few pictures once we’re back next week.

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  • Though the mountains divide, and the oceans are wide

    Here’s a fun story. On Saturday & Sunday we went over to Lanai and camped for a day. While waiting for the return ferry, there was a guy sitting down with a major amount of tattoo coverage, including some facial work. We just stood by and listed to some of the tourists ask him questions. […]

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  • A Picture…

    Here’s a brief 1,000 word essay on why where I am is better than where you are.

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  • Aloha, Bitches

    It’s 5:25 and we’re out the door in 20. Getting up at 5 isn’t fun, but it’s worth it. Now just to make it through the horrible flight.

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  • All Packed

    I did all my packing and I’m all set. Got both bags (stow-away and carry-on) all set aside from some minor toiletries and other things to pack in the AM. Just threw some food on for dinner and then going to relax for the rest of the evening. Hawaii, here I come!

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  • Horray For Days Off

    Got the day off today – which is nice. I think I’m going to bum around for a while, get some pizza and just chill. I even had a dream about getting pizza… so it’s definitely on the mind. Saturday was good in that we did some shopping and I got some shorts and tshirts […]

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  • I hate snow (a lot)

    So I came into work today as usual. I’ve been here for a while and I’m still the only person here. I don’t expect anyone for another good 45 minutes. Four-wheel drive is awesome, btw. While I hate the snow, it was fun to have something slippery to drive on for a bit. Now that […]

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  • Boo @ Snow

    We’re supposed to get a bunch of snow tonight. Hopefully something happens and this changes. Why can’t the forces of global warming do something useful? I’ll take rain. At least if it’s particularly snowy I can just work from home. I’ve been having odd dreams the last few nights. Nothing bad, scary or otherwise disturbing […]

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  • Early To Rise

    My new “thing” is getting up earlier for work. I’m fortunate in that my job just requires that I be in work for 8 hours and that the exact 8 hours aren’t too important (within reason). Since Corinne gets up a lot earlier than me, I would go back to bed and not really fully […]

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  • I Hate Fedex

    I’ve hated Fedex for some time, and I doubt my opinion will be changed for quite some time… if ever. My DVD player arrived yesterday and it was being sent via Fedex. It arrived without incident, but when they dropped it off, they left it on my front step. Now, this isn’t a big deal […]

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