• 5-Day Weekend

    For a day off, today’s been busy, but in a good day. I got up early (about 7:15) shortly after Corinne left. Just couldn’t get back to bed. So I got up and finished off fixing my computer (it’s chugging along at 100% now), did two loads of laundry, did the dishes and confirmed a […]

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  • PS3

    I got my hands on a PS3 (60G) and won’t need it since I have a Wii (I’m a one-console-at-a-time sorta guy). Hit me up with an offer if you’re in the Boston area and interested.

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  • I’m Done With HP

    I was excited to get my laptop last night and get everything set up. Since getting home, I’ve had nothing but a horrible time with it and HP. I ordered the laptop with XP Home because I have XP Pro and didn’t see any reason to pay for it again. Unfortunately, when I went to […]

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  • Gummy Goodness

    I’m one step closer to regaining my weekends. I spent a considerable amount of time on Saturday clearing out the old apartment and getting it all cleaned up. When I left there late Saturday afternoon the only things left were my futon, the back seat of my Jeep and my vacuum. I put a post […]

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  • We only stop the rock twice an hour!

    I’m eating some oatmeal and just trying to ease into the day. I was at work early because I had to drop my Jeep off at the dealership this morning. There’s some weird squeak coming out of the right-rear side when I go over bumps, so they’re looking into that. This oatmeal is damn good. […]

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  • Uhh… whoops.

    Wow, today’s morning was rather trying. I woke up to a flashing alarm clock – that frustrating sign that at some point in the night power was lost. I checked my laptop and I had woken up pretty much on time. Score one for my internal clock! Then I went to power on my desktop […]

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  • Beautification

    I’m fairly exhausted. Friday night and Saturday consisted of painting. I then moved a bunch of boxes I had packed and took down the tape from 3 rooms this morning. My back and feet are rather sore, but not so much that I’m in pain. Conceptually, I really enjoy the idea of beautifying the apartment […]

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