• Wii!

    I got my new Wii today. Took about 4 hours of waiting in line, but I have it and it’s updating right now. Setup has been super easy and it’s downloading updates right now. I’m surprised at how small of a profile it has – which is very nice if you stood it up to […]

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  • Sex with animals? There’s no time man!

    Today was incredibly slow at work. I wrapped up all the incidents I had by 9:30 and nobody called in at all. It wouldn’t have been that bad if there was something else to do for the rest of the day. I ended up being rather bored. I did, however, get some good news today, […]

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  • Early Sunday

    Up early today at 7:45. Many Sundays are spent in bed until about 10:00 – 11:00ish, but Corinne had to go in early today for some meeting, so I volunteered to drive her into work. I figured if I was going to be getting up, I might as well be useful and make her day […]

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  • Short Lived

    Well, looks like someone figured out how to modify whatever script they were using already. I’m not that surprised. The only thing that’s _almost_ funny is that the script that’s spamming my blog thinks that it should be doing so with some for of UBB or other bastardized HTML – so the format’s all fubar’ed. […]

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  • Commentary Hackage

    So some bozos have been spamming my horribly low-traffic diary comment system with some stupid blog spam. I find this annoying. I took a look at the patterns in the spam and wrote a few lines of code to return an error if it’s encountered. I’ll keep an eye on my database to see if […]

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  • Someone saw a cockroach up on twelve

    Last night was fairly horrible. Pat was over for a while and took off a bit before midnight. That wasn’t the bad part. I went to bed shortly thereafter, but woke up somewhere around 1:30 feeling more horrible than I’ve felt in a very, very long time. I didn’t have to throw up or anything […]

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  • I need the old Blade Runner. I need your magic.

    So it looks like the apartment is locked. While this means the next month and a half will be stressful, it shouldn’t be too bad. I’ll be handing over first & last tonight. And if there was any question, I’ll be moving in with Corinne. Work is interesting. We had a new guy start on […]

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  • Cookie Poop

    The past little while has been busy. Halloween was fun and we saw a few really cute kids while giving out candy. Most of the others were teenagers and half of them weren’t even in costumes. Wtf? Work has been very busy with a rather large customer latching on to me and asking me all […]

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