• Horray For Browser Crashes!

    I had my first browser crash after installing FF2.0 and it worked exactly as advertised and brought everything back up after I fired up the browser again. Browser crashes has never been more fun! The darkness has descended upon us and I don’t like it. It now means that I’ll be packing up my sunglasses […]

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  • Pissy Rainy Saturday

    Last night was fun. We went over to one of Corinne’s friend’s place and there was about 9 or 10 of us carving pumpkins. Some of them were really nice. I went the “safe and easy” route with a classic looking jack-o-lantern. It came out considerably better than last year’s pumpkin attempt. Today is RAINY. […]

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  • That Friday Thing

    Fridays tend to be slow. If it’s going to pick up it’ll be sometime between 3 and 4 and I bust my ass until I leave. Right now I’m watching a bunch of Family Guy episodes and I may switch over to Temple of Doom afterwards. In other news, I hate the cold.

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  • RAID, RAID, Go Away

    Despite the title, I think everything’s working fine. I opened up my box and immediately started to check out the load I had on the PSU (power supply). I knew I had “a lot” going on in there, so I thought the main problem may be drawing too much juice. Here’s just an idea of […]

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  • RAID, why must you taunt me so?

    Everything got transferred over last night without problems. Then this morning I started encoding some video and noticed some shitty performance. I opened up my event log and noticed a ton of disk errors (very bad). I don’t think it’s the disks because the data transfer happened without issue. I hope it’s not the RAID […]

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  • Tuesday Feels Like A Bag Of Rocks

    This week is already moving slowly and it’s only Tuesday. Ugh. Hopefully the pace picks up a bit. I installed my two new 400G HDs and got them hooked up to the RAID and initialized without any issue. I’m now copying everything from my smaller data drive over to the new disks. I’m just going […]

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  • A Great Weekend

    Had an awesome weekend. Corinne really showed me a great time on my birthday. Ended up seeing my parents yesterday during the afternoon and last night was nice and relaxing. Corinne’s off to work today and I’m just being a bum and watching shitty sci-fi / horror. I got me lots of cake to eat […]

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  • A Little Stress Never Hurt Anyone

    Went to the mall tonight and bought some pants and a jacket. I really don’t have much in the way of “warm clothes” for the transition into fall. I also got a new 80g iPod last week and a case for it arrived in the mail today, along with two 400g HDs that I purchased […]

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  • Site Upgrade

    I made some much-needed and long-awaited changes to the image gallery. Previously, if you were browsing through the image index and clicked on an image, you couldn’t then click on the navigation links below the image and have it “remember your spot” in the image list. Now, when you click on an image to view […]

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  • More Pictures [Hawaii]

    I just got done uploading some 200+ images from our Maui trip to If you have some time to burn, some of them are really nice.

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