• Holy Crap

    Today was awesome. The high point was being on the boat with dolphins riding along with us. Then, a bit later we were snorkeling and the dolphins swam by and we got to swim with a few of them. Best. Day. Ever. Yesterday we went scuba diving twice and it was a great time. I’d […]

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  • So Awesome

    So far we stayed in a small cottage and watched a sunrise, played with crabs on the beach, checked out a few waterfalls, swam and bodysurfed in some amazing waves, saw a mongoose, played with some frogs, swam with sea turtles & fish and had had a great time. And, we’ve only been here about […]

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  • Aloha Bitches (again)

    just boarded my plane with Corrine. Connecting in Vegas then on to Maui. Arrival is 3p local time. Suckers! [This entry posted via iam.slow-fi]

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  • Teh Wurrroollldduh

    Purge! I’ve been in “purge mode” today since getting home and I’ve thrown out a bunch of stuff that I didn’t need that’s just been taking up space. Last night I also went ahead and cleaned up my chainmaille area. Well… areas. It had grown into two corners of my living room and I needed […]

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  • The Ball of Death

    Yesterday was King Richard’s Faire day – such a great time. I took a bunch of pictures but won’t be able to get to them until later. Speaking of which, my computer has been giving me nothing but problems. I’m currently in the middle of a very large CHKDSK that’ll likely take at least another […]

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  • It Gets Better

    I just went into my calendar and realized that syncing my phone last night COMPLETELY wiped out my Outlook calendar. Fucking great. Not only did that have things like people’s birthdays and the like, but all of the reminders that I need to make sure I do the shit I need to do (like pay […]

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  • Pain In The Ass

    On Monday afternoon my phone mostly died. I could send calls, but I couldn’t hear anyone through the ear speaker and they couldn’t hear me when I put them on speakerphone. I called Sprint and was given a service location that opened at 10am to have my phone looked at. After arriving at 10am, I […]

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  • Neat.

    I just checked up on my Google Ads on (the D&D blog I started) and I’ve actually gotten hits on the ads. I’ve earned an incredible $1.05. Ok, so that’s not all that spectacular, but I didn’t expect to see _any_ clicks on those things in all reality. The funny thing is watching what […]

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  • Bull Rider

    Got behind a lambo on my way into work this morning. You don’t really see a lot of them around here, so I snapped some pics. For custom plates, these weren’t bad. He also wasn’t driving like an ass, which was a nice change of pace. A very nice looking car indeed. My other website […]

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    I’ve been AWOL lately. Things are going well and I’ve been staying rather busy, but I’ve been trying to write content for a new site I launched last week. This won’t appeal to some 99.9% of the people that read this page, but it’s a D&D/RPG-based blog at Right now, all of the content […]

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