• Falling Behind Again

    Been busy lately, but not “newsworthy” busy. Saturday – slept late, got food, went shopping, played frisbee, watched movie, went to party. Sunday – slept late, got food, dropped Corinne off at work, talked to Marria for a bit, watched movies, played D&D, picked up Corinne. Monday – slept far too little, worked, watched some […]

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  • SteeEEee-rike

    Last night Corinne and I went bowling for a little while. I found something very interesting out – I’m still not good at bowling. Ok, so it’s not even interesting. Corinne, on the other hand, isn’t too bad at all. At least I got to have ice cream afterwards. Today is a very blah day. […]

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  • Aww Sugar, Aww Honey Honey

    Right now I’m downloading the William Shatner roast to watch at some time in the future. If you saw it, toss me your opinions. I’ve been looking at the Nintendo Wii lately and it may be the first game console I’ve ever bought on my own. I had an NES and Genesis when I was […]

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  • I’m madly in love with you and it’s not because of your brains or your personality

    This weekend was good. Corinne and I went shopping on Saturday and despite being out in a public place with many stupid people, we had a good time. For the rest of the afternoon we took it easy and ended up watching Ghostbusters – which is such a great flick! Later on we went out […]

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  • There Are Two Types Of People In This World

    Last night Corinne and I went to Coolidge Corner Theater to see Little Miss Sunshine. It was a great movie. If it’s playing around you, I highly recommend it. The humor, however, started before we even got into the theater. There’s a parking lot just behind the theater that’s free after 6, so it’s where […]

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  • Boobs Are Unnatural

    I forgot to mention that on Sunday Corinne and I went to see Bodyworlds at the Museum of Science. It was a great show and I really enjoyed it. There were certainly more penises on display than vaginas, but I’m not complaining. There was an awesome polydactyl exhibit as well. After the Bodywords exhibit we […]

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    I see a lot of people with vanity license plates. Most of them confuse me and I have no idea what they’re trying to say, if anything, with the jumble of letters and numbers. It doesn’t help that Massachusetts has some weird restrictions on vanity plates. But then you have guys like this: I don’t […]

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  • Poor Lil’ d12 – Nobody Wants To Play With You

    This is what I did last night: My friend Nick did a great job. My leg is sore as hell today, but it’ll obviously pass. If you’re not familiar with D&D, this likely won’t be that funny… or make any sense for that matter.

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  • Mmmm-Beeep

    I mentioned that my RAID controller was failing and before it totally shit the bed and hosed all the data on my disks in the RAID set, I pulled it and plugged one in directly to the motherboard. About a week later I realized my Outlook mail files weren’t backing up to the backup disk […]

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  • That’s Showbiz

    This week has been busy. I’ve been embroiled in an ongoing issue with a very large customer that’s been having some completely non-product-related problems. But since we’re looking to close a very large sale with them and we’re one of a few vendors left they’re choosing from, our sales group has kept us engaged in […]

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