• Four Day Weekend

    I have Monday off in addition to Tuesday since it’s the forth. This is more than enjoyable. I think tomorrow Corinne and I may be heading down to Rhode Island. We’ll solidify the plans tonight. I think we’re both pretty pooped, so tonight will be low key and we’ll be in bed early. Sleep will […]

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  • So here’s the deal…

    Bad news first – I’m bitching out on BMEFest this year. I wasn’t able to find somewhere to crash and right now I just can’t shell out the money for a hotel. This brings me to the good news – I got a new car. I’ve been saving up for a bit and it was […]

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  • I’m neglectful – I’m sorry

    Been a busy few days and I promise I’ll update for real soon. Got some good news, some bad news and the usual pile of crap that nobody cares about. Watch this space.

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  • Still Got 10 Fingers

    While leaving work I looked right just out the door on my way to the car and noticed a really big snapping turtle just hanging out on the walk way. To say that this was unexpected is an understatement. Since it was literally about 3-4 feet away from a busy driveway, with help from Michele, […]

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  • Un-Frump

    Last night ended up being rather nice. I left work, went home for a bit and then went to Corinne’s. We made some hot dogs, I installed her AC and we hung out for a while. We later went back to my place for the night and I dropped her off at the T in […]

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  • Frump

    I’m feeling pretty blah right now. Not sure exactly why. Got a few ideas… but I’m still not a fan. In other news, I’m hoping I can find someone in the Toronto area with which to crash during BMEFest – if you’ve got a couch or a spot on the floor, give me a holla […]

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  • Hot

    It’s been a busy weekend – I’ll give a proper update tomorrow from work. It’s just fucking hot in here and I hope I can cool down enough to sleep well. I also have about 10 messages to respond to in my inbox… so if you’re one of them, I’ll try to get to them […]

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  • Time For A Real Update

    The last few days have been more than a little busy. I ended up spending Monday with Corinne after work. We watched season 1 of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (which I love) and it went over well. Season 2 is airing right now, so I’m going to have to download those as they’re available. […]

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  • File Transfer Complete

    This is a test entry to ensure that everything’s working. All the files are copied over. Took a while, but it was a lot to do. Enjoy!

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  • Tuesday = Computer Day

    While most of my days are “computer days”, Tuesday will be a particularly large one. I’m going to be starting the IAM server migration Tuesday evening (sorry for everyone that will be negatively affected by this) and I also need to look at my friend Pat’s computer that was acting up. He brought it over […]

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