• Downer

    So last night I headed down to the Milky Way in JP to hang out with Corinne a bit after her band practice. I have to say, my intentions were pretty clear – I wanted someone to kiss. Last night was some Beatles-theemed karaoke night. I’m not a singer. I’m really bad at it. But […]

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  • Four Day Week? I Can Dig It.

    Yesterday was nice. I did a bunch of server stuff in the AM and early afternoon (there’s still a few things that are confusing us that will hopefully be resolved soon) and then went out and met Corinne at work and went out to dinner. I couldn’t resist getting some ice cream afterwards and hung […]

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  • Back From Leave

    This one is going to be long. Let’s just jump right in. I saw X-Men 3 yesterday. There were some things that I thought was super awesome. There were also some things that I wasn’t overly happy with. My general feeling is if you’re going to change a character or concept from a well-defined genre […]

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  • Feeling Much Better

    I ended up getting to bed at 10:30 last night. My mp3 player was being a super bitch and I had to reformat it and start a new transfer of my music to it before I crash. Everything was right as rain when I got up – so it was worth the extra attention last […]

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  • Pack It Up, Pack It In…

    It’s 9:30 and I’m getting ready to go to bed. Wow. I did a bit of reading at about 7 and I totally passed out on the couch, waking up a bit after 8. Got some phone time in then did the dishes that were amassed last night. Now my kitchen is cleanish and there’s […]

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  • It’s gonna be rough…

    Today’s gonna be a tough one. Got to bed at about 4am and got up at 7am. No thank you. Tonight _must_ be early. There’s just no other way around it. I have some dishes to do, but other than that, I plan on doing fuck all. I’m pretty sure I have plans for Friday, […]

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  • Not Fun, But Necessary

    Last night I stopped at the grocery store to do some quick shopping (I think I bought as many snacks as real food – oops) and then got laundry kicked off. While that was chugging away, I did some more cleaning and then set to fold all the laundry once it was out. I threw […]

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  • We Are Building A Religion

    I’m pooped. Staying up later than I should isn’t anything new for me. But usually I end up crashing early by now. I’ve had a pretty decent string of late nights and it’s looking like Wednesday is gonna be another. I really need to try to get to bed at a decent time tonight! I […]

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  • Sunday – Day of Mystery

    Today I had an unexpectedly awesome day. I was expecting it to be pretty good, but I’m pretty blown away by how things went. Rock. For those that think you should be in on my crazily mysterious life (HA!), feel free to IM me if you want to brought into the know.

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  • This Magic Moment

    Ok, so no Tool for me. Ah well. Would have been cool, but nothing lost, nothing gained. Either way, I have some much better plans someone that I’ve been talking to recently and I’m hoping/expecting to have a good day anyhow. I spent all day cleaning/rearranging shit and finishing up Kelly’s machine. She was able […]

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