• Quick Update

    So I reformatted my computer last night. It went really smoothly. I got SVS installed and started getting a bunch of layers built – it’s pretty slick. The learning curve isn’t that steep at all (unless you want to know what’s going on in the background or tweak things a lot). The only snafu that […]

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  • I’m Thinking With Sand Here!

    Today was a decent day at work. I finally got a response from a customer that I was trying to contact last week for our head SE for what he called “a really big opportunity”. I diagnosed and fixed their problems in 2 emails and did a bit of “extra credit” work for them as […]

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  • Gloomicus Sundacus

    Today’s been a crappy day. The weather’s cold and it’s pissy outside. Blech. I got up a bit late since I was up later than normal. Overall, it’s been productive despite the weather. I did some grocery shopping, I have some laundry in the drier right now and I cleaned the apartment a bunch. I […]

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  • Pictorama

    I got in and immediately got out on my uni. I wanted to put the cycling computer to use and it was also beautiful out. I did about 5k and it felt good. I’m starting to get a sense of time and distance, which will be useful for planning longer rides in the summer once […]

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  • Far Too Tired

    I’m exhausted this morning. I didn’t get to bed until about 1, which is a bit later than I’ve been going to bed after mostly haulting the caffeine intake. Hopefully tonight is earlier. Last night I went over to Sophy’s… well, actually over to her sister’s place. They’re in Australia and Sophy’s cat sitting for […]

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  • Last Call

    Tonight I took off the cranks on my 29″ and put on a new pair that I bought. The old pair were chrome-colored and the new pair are black. The black really goes better with the uni than the old ones. I’m really happy with the look. I’m going to try to get some pics […]

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  • Keeping This Short…

    This weekend was good. Saturday was a lot of fun – went out to Nantasket beach for a while, then got back and went for a long bike ride. After that, I was still feeling good so I rode my uni for about 25-30 minutes. Towards the end, I just couldn’t mount and stay up […]

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  • Gonna Be Sore Tomorrow

    I had a really nice 45 min ride earlier. We had some thunderstorms not too long before leaving work and I was worried that I wouldn’t get to ride at all. When I got home, there was a nice pocket of sunshine so I pulled my 29 out right away and got to it. I […]

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  • mc chris

    mc chris is playing at harper’s ferry in june linkage. Anyone in the area interested in going? I’m having a hard time thinking of anyone that’d actually want to go with me – he’s weird, but that’s why I like his stuff.

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  • Vince Clortho

    Today’s been a decent day. Work was slow at times but not too bad. I got to do a minor amount of coding and a couple of other calls. Nothing big, but better than yesterday. I did about 45 minutes of riding when I got home. I had a bit of a spill while dropping […]

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