• Mushroom Mushroom

    So where were we? Today I was bad. I drank some soda at lunch. I didn’t intentionally do it – I was getting a sub and before I realized it I was filling up my cup with some pepsi. I only had about half a cup of it, but there it is none-the-less. I figure […]

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  • Weekend Reboot

    It’s Monday, which means I’m tired. I didn’t get to bed until 2am last night, so I’m DEFINITELY tired today. This weekend was good. Sophy and I got to the Harvard Museum of Natural History and wandered around there for a bunch of hours. It was really cool and they have a lot of really […]

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  • Caffeine

    I’m trying to cut down on my caffeine intake. I tend to drink a lot of soda throughout the day, but no coffee or anything “coffee-like”. I’ve not drank soda for extended periods of time, but I always seem to come back to it. I think the reason is two-fold: 1) I like soda, so […]

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  • Sitting

    Let’s see. Last night I saw V for Vendetta with Pat, Kevin and Morgan. Not knowing anything about it short of it being based on a comic, I thought it was superb. It’s something I’d definitely not have a problem seeing in the movies again, let alone DVD. Great movie and highly recommended! Even if […]

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  • Vroom

    Today was expensive. I had to get a tire replaced this morning before work and then had to get my car inspected at lunch. I had a bubble in the sidewall when I went to get it inspected last week and I got the big rejection until that was fixed. Seeing as I was supposed […]

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  • Friday

    Hmm… not quite 10 yet. Not good. I’m bored… already. But I don’t want to be *busy* – just want “some stuff to do. I know… beggars can’t be choosers and all that. So far I’ve filled my time this morning with reading the ruby-talk and mailing lists. Programming and riding unis are both […]

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  • Pure D&D Nonsense

    I’m largely posting this here because I can’t post it with all the formatting I want in the forum, so if you’re not interested or don’t understand D&D, just ignore this. It goes into quite a bit of detail. I enjoy “concept characters”. Some people call them “one-trick ponies” – but either way, they can […]

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  • Take A Big Bite Of My Sweet Addiction

    I was going to lead off with the “beware the ides of march” bit, but figured that since I threw that up as an away message that I’d pass. Today’s pay day – I like getting paid. It means I can pay off bills and put money into my savings account. I realized earlier today […]

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  • I Need A New Toy

    Today was -slow- at work. Like, really, really slow. I was ready to crash by about 3 just because I hadn’t done much. To make things a bit worse, my sorta-kinda-but-not-really-manager-but-more-like-supervisor-until-we-hire-someone-better was in the office today. He’s not based in Boston, so this is a rarity. He leaves me very uninspired. Meh. Anyhow, so I […]

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  • C’mon Spring!!!

    This weekend was really nice. While Friday night was “eat Chinese food and watch The Goonies” night, Saturday got us out to the Charles to enjoy the weather. We also did some running around on Sunday because Sophy wants to get some patio furniture and we were pricing some different sets. I don’t think this […]

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