• No Needles Needed

    Today has been fun. I’ve started doing some basic socket programming and made a VERY simple server that lets you telnet into it, it asks for your name and responds back with a “Hello {theNameYouTyped}, what’s up?” message. It also reports back the activity to a console window that runs on the “server”. The other […]

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  • Tuesday…

    Let’s see, what’s been going on? Nothing too crazy, in all honesty. I’m still liking my job, still enjoying my weekends and still doing all the other geek stuff that I normally do. I guess that’s not too bad all around, eh? I currently have about 22gig of torrents queued up right now… I love […]

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  • Rock Over London, Rock On Chicago

    Last night was a bust. I got home, did my usual email and internet thing, tweaked the computer I’m building and a few other little things and then went and read a bit on the couch… and proceeded to pass out. This would probably be around 7:30. I then woke up around 9:30 when Sophy […]

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  • Someone Help Me Out…

    I’ve bitched about customers before and I’m going to try not to do that this time. What I’m hoping for is some insight… because I’m really confused. A customer calls in last night and says that they have a policy file for our software that is not working. Just to explain, a policy file is […]

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  • Money

    Yesterday I received my state tax return. It was nice to get *something* back, even if what I owe to federal is about 6 times as much. I dropped it in my savings account and will hopefully just ignore it and let that amount continue to grow. I get my first check from Altiris in […]

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  • Don’t Lose My Data

    A while back I posted about a weird computer problem I was having with my backup disks after they completed. I was consistently getting some disk errors stating that the system couldn’t flush the catalog or something like that (too lazy to look through logs right now). Anyhow, after some digging around I ended up […]

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  • Horray for long weekends…

    Had a great long weekend. Bowling, drinking, shopping, movies, cuddling and relaxing. Not too bad a round up. I also ran some errands and got a haircut. It’s slowly making it’s way to some designation of “short”. Still gotta decide on what I want to settle on… but I’m getting there. Other than that, not […]

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  • Step Into Liquid

    Last night was nice – had an awesome dinner with Sophy and watched Step Into Liquid, which is a pretty cool surfing movie/documentary. We’re going to be watching another one this weekend. Talk about torturous – we’re in shitty Boston winter weather watching people in some of the most beautiful places in the world surf […]

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  • Fuck Snow

    I hate snow… a lot. I need to move to Hawaii or some place equally warm and amazing. For now, I’m stuck with this: This is from 10am this morning and there’s still probably another 6 hours or more to go. Blech. Yesterday Sophy and I met up with Michele and Pam and walked around […]

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  • I’m Dumb

    Ok, so last night I locked my keys in my car. Awesome. Had to call AAA to get them to have someone pop it. Stupid. As I was shutting the door I was just thinking “I really shouldn’t be doing this…” -shut- “FUCK!”. After I pulled my head out of my ass, ended up having […]

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