• Yeah, I’ve been busy…

    This weekend was nice. I met up with Sophy (the cute Australian girl I mentioned a couple posts back), Michele and Pam and we all saw Underworld Evolution on Saturday (which I enjoyed) and got some Indian in Davis afterwards. It was fun hanging around and just relaxing. On Sunday, Sophy, her sister, her brother-in-law […]

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  • Boo @ Vista

    The more I hear about Vista, the more I’m confident that I’m going to stick to XP and likely end up switching to a non-Windows OS as my primary machine.,1895,1914971,00.asp It turns out that Vista will not let you install any unsigned drivers – at all. Currently, we get those little “do you want […]

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  • While I Have A Connection…

    I happen to have a decent connection tonight, so I’m trying not to squander it. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. I’ve been spending a bunch of time with a cute Australian girl, which has been pretty awesome. This weekend I think we’re going to hit up a movie and get some dinner with Michele […]

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  • +1 Shitlist

    Comcast has been added to my shitlist. They also have the distinct pleasure of having service ordered and canceled before I ever had the chance to use said service. I had someone out on Saturday to hook up the line and gave me my “self install kit”. The “install kit” basically amounts to “follow these […]

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  • How ’bout that weather…

    Ok, so the weather here in the Boston area has been nothing short of insane the past 12 hours. The roads near work are shrouded in tree parts, hydroplaning is everywhere, Rt 1 was closed in both directions earlier (I’m assuming it’s open now) due to downed power lines, 1/2 of the city of Newton […]

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  • Starting With A Deficit

    I’m really tired today. I got in yesterday around noon with very little sleep, made some calls and headed down for a 3 hour nap… a 3 hour nap. It wasn’t much, but it helped some. Then Pat & Kevin came over and we played for a while. Despite how much a geek it makes […]

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  • Ah, Saturday

    Last night I stopped off on my way home and dropped off the PC I was selling and I’m not $200 richer. Nice. I visited my mom shortly this morning since I was in Delaware and Philly last weekend. I picked up a DVD (the Aeon Flux complete series) along with a book that was […]

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  • Fuck Verizon

    I called Verizon last night because my connection speed sucks. So I talk to this guy that probably knows little to nothing about computers (which I can largely confirm) and he reads a bunch of crap from the prompt which makes little sense (like deleting my cookies to check bandwidth issues?!?!?) and I just told […]

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  • Feeling Awesome

    Yesterday I was exhausted, it was horrible. I went out with Benjii after work to Bukowski’s and had a couple of drinks and some food. We were both completely worn out, but it was still fun. I got home, bummed around a bit, but was still feeling spent and ended up crashing early. I was […]

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  • FUCK

    I use the word “fuck” a lot – not at work (ok, not “often” at work) and certainly not when talking customers (despite when it’d be very appropriate) – but a lot none-the-less. Swearing adds a lot to interaction that simple language doesn’t. There’s all sorts of inflection and emotion that dropping well-timed swears adds […]

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