• I’ve Got Something You Can Never Eat

    Xmas wasn’t too bad. I hung out at my dad’s for a while and generally relaxed. He’s not doing too bad after some back surgery on Friday. He surprised me by getting me a new monitor. It’s something I’ve been needing for some time and is very appreciated.Later that night, however, I made an obnoxious […]

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  • So bring no guilt with you up above the flatline

    Last night I watched Lost Highway for the first time in about 9 years. It’s a great movie – very strange and can be rather confusing the first time you see it – but I really enjoy it. Now I have ‘This Magic Moment’ by Lou Reed stuck in my head. When it comes to […]

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  • Bring Thy Noodly Appendage To The Masses

    Already added to my wishlist!!!

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  • Ants Make Sugar, Bees Make Honey

    I’m still exhausted today, but as bad as I was yesterday. I guess that’s progress. I ended up spending a lot of time on Amazon last night. I had a $75 gift card that I ended up getting a lot of stuff (mostly DVDs as it turns out) and that’ll be on it’s way shortly. […]

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  • All Insects Make Sweet Substances

    Yesterday wasn’t too bad. I spent the first half of the day bumming around and taking it easy – always a winner for the weekend. I then did some more cleaning, got some food and my friend Pat came over. We watched some movies, hung out and were generally geeky. Good times. He ended up […]

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  • Post-Pre-Xmas

    We celebrated xmas at my mom’s yesterday. It wasn’t too bad. I got some neat stuff, which is always cool. My mom has struggled for years finding me stuff that I like. Usually I don’t know many “little things” and can give people a nice huge list of huge things to get me – which […]

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  • With impatience I wait

    I’m chilling right now with some Dick Dale and getting ready to spend most of the day at my Mom’s for an “early xmas” since she’s going to be on a cruise over xmas – good for her! Later tonight I’m going to be heading into Cambridge to check out a show a friend’s doing. […]

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  • Being Uncomfortable Is Uncomfortable

    Sometime in the car on the way into work my back started to ache. I’m trying to keep things loose, but it really hurts. Not sure what the hell’s up with that. I spent most of yesterday building a script for a customer to fix a problem they were experiencing. It took up a lot […]

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  • Whoops

    Got pulled over last night for speeding. Oops. Time to slow down for a little while. I can’t have multiple tickets building up and making my insurance soar. Eh, I don’t get to work that much faster driving 85mph vs 70-75mph anyway. I guess there’s that whole safety thing too… but I *really* like driving […]

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    I stayed up way too late last night and today got off to a slower start than I had planned. I still managed to get out and get shopping done for my mom. I think she’ll be happy. While wandering around Quincy Market there was a very small petting zoo that was set up. Naturally, […]

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