• Good Bye, Good Luck

    Tomorrow I fly out for Kansas. I land in Kansas City, pick up my rental car and then head south about an hour from the airport. I’ll be working from Wednesday morning until Friday afternoon, when I’ll drive back to the airport and drop off the car. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. I’m going to work […]

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  • It’s Monday

    Ok, it just feels like Monday because I had two days off and now I’m at work. I expect it to be rather slow, but you never know with these things. I’m hoping there’ll be quite a bit of nap time today. I brought some books and my mp3 player, which should keep me more […]

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  • Crazy Update

    So my brother got bailed out and he had a somewhat different story than what the police were saying. His account is that he was in an accident (a friend was driving and there was another person there) and once the state police showed up, they were giving them a hard time and while my […]

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  • Happy Fuckin’ Thanksgiving

    So I just got to my mom’s place and she’s heading out to my father’s to give him money so he can go and bail out my brother. Yes… as in “from jail”. And to make it even better, I guess it’s for “assaulting a police officer”. It’s important to point out there there’s no […]

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  • Let’s do this…

    So my Kansas trip was confirmed later today. Booking my flight, hotel and car tomorrow AM. Departing on 11/29, returning 12/2. Then I think I’ll be heading to a party Kevin’s having on the 3rd. No clue what’s going on or why, but I got the invite yesterday. I think it’s a “we’re pretty much […]

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  • Weekend Wrap-Up

    Today’s been productive so far, and it’s only 4:00. Got up early, planned on watching some Stargate and then heading to my mom’s place. She had some early plans, so I got out there fast, fixed a bunch of computer stuff then made my way to my dad’s place since I was in town. After […]

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  • Two fat cocks… together… oil…

    This is great, click it – You may not get as much from it if you haven’t been through any corporate sexual harassment classes, but it’s amusing never the less. I’m leaving for work in about 10 minutes. Hopefully it’ll be slow like most Saturdays and I can take it easy. But now that […]

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  • Friday In Name Only

    It’s Friday – hopefully that means that work is slow today. The past week has been rather hectic and there’s a small chance that I may be doing some traveling in a week or two. We’ll see how that pans out – it’s definitely up in the air. I decided to work tomorrow to make […]

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  • My day is starting off sideways

    Well, it’s Wednesday. I got woken up by a telephone call by somestupid loan consolidation robot at 8:30 – what the fuck is that? Not everyone has the 9-5 job and that’s just beyond super inconsiderate. So yeah… I’m starting my day a bit cheesed. Oh… and I can’t get the Green Acres theme song […]

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  • Fuck Titles

    I’m rather tired this morning. I kept waking up last night with horrible heartburn. It was more than a little unpleasant. I seem to be fine today and I hope it stays that way. My toe is looking darker in some spots but not as swollen. I would assume that’s “progress”, but fuck if I […]

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