• Nice To Wrap Things Up

    I had a few bills that needed to be paid for the end of the month / beginning of next month and those are all written up and will be in the mail tomorrow before work. It’s nice to have everything all taken care of and my check will be hitting my account sometime between […]

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  • Recap

    So it looks like updating from my phone has some problems. So here’s a recap. I took my car to a mechanic this morning and let them know what was up. They put it through it’s paces and the advice was pretty much spot on – the alternator was trash. So they replaced that and […]

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  • Vroom Vroom

    I called a mechanic nearby and they’re going to be looking at it. I called in a tow and I’m expecting them to show up in 15-45. Luckily, the place is literally “right down the street” and I’ll be able to get a bus back to my apartment and not have to sit at the […]

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  • Let’s Try This Again…

    Looks like my last message was cut off in transmission. I’m at home now and I’m looking up mechanics. Unfortunately they’re all closed, so I won’t be able to do anything until the morning – which is more than a little frustrating. Here’s the deal – when driving home my battery light went on. I […]

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  • Don’t Be Oppressed By The Tyranny Of Round!

    Today was decent – I stopped at REI and got some wrist guards tonight on the way home. They’re kinda weird to get used to because they obviously restrict your movement – otherwise they wouldn’t be much help in preventing you from breaking them. But I busted my butt for about an hour tonight. It […]

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  • Ignore Me

    I’m just making a test entry to screw around with… ignore this.

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  • Sore Today

    As I was expecting, I’m rather sore today. I knew my little tumble was going to do more damage than it’d otherwise let on to last night. In all the places that I described as whacking the ground I have some aches. I haven’t found any bruises or scrapes [that weren't there from before], so […]

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  • I Only Need One Wheel

    So on Friday I got my unicycle. I got it assembled on Saturday and fucked around with it a bit while working and then later at the tattoo shop. A few people, Marria included, wheeled around with some assistance from me and others and had a lot of fun. It seems that everyone that sees […]

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  • Thus Far

    So I’m about half way through my shift today. It’s been going pretty well. On my way in I went to a bike shop to pick up some grease for my pedals – they were out. Oops. So I stopped at a Home Depot and picked up some there. Today I’ve been answering calls, listening […]

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  • I’m Exciting

    Ok, that’s a lie – but it’s ok. A friend wasn’t feeling well so tonight’s plans got bumped to sometime next week. Not a biggie. I’m working tomorrow anyway and I think we were probably just going to get some food and see a movie – nothing fanciful. But I have good news anyway – […]

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