• The Odds & Ends

    Today was good – spent it with Marria at the Boston Tattoo Convention. She got a nice rose on her neck and I got to hang with some friends. Got to see a bunch of The Lizardman’s performance, which was cool as well. We got some food at Bukowski’s (which I’m always up for) and […]

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  • What a week…

    This past week has been pretty crazy. It started out with Marria getting hit by a car. She was crossing with the WALK sign and someone went to make a right-on-red and didn’t look right before they started pulling out. Banged up her knee pretty good. She’s doing a lot better now though… but still […]

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  • Fuck Sleep

    So last night’s sleep was rather horrible. I work up continuously and at one point I bit my tongue SUPER hard and it still hurts. Thinking you bit off the tip of your tongue wakes you up -FAST-. I also had a very weird and random dream that made me wake up mad as hell. […]

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  • Unquick Update

    I want to say “thank goodness it’s friday” but I’m working tomorrow – so it holds considerably less appeal than it otherwise would. But it’s not all bad news because weekend work is time-and-a-half, which I can certainly use for my upcoming trip! About a week and a half ago my father’s house had some […]

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  • My Friend Space

    I have a MySpace page for no real reason. Every once in a while I get an email saying that someone has sent me a message or something. So tonight I get this random friends invite from chick I swear I’ve never met. Turns out I was right – no idea who she is and […]

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  • Ramble

    I just placed an order on Amazon. Got a VBScript book because the two I have are horribly dry and I just can’t make it through them. The content isn’t difficult, but I’m having a horrible time staying committed to reading it. A friend sent a PDF version of one she’s reading and it’s going […]

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  • Short Entry

    I’m just uploading this so I can get some pictures of my current chainmaille project online to post in a forum.

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