• Need My Zzzzzz…

    Ok, to bed early tonight because I’m exhausted and tomorrow I’m jumping out of a plane all early in the morning. Woot!

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  • Lazy Sunday Update

    I went into Boston earlier and had lunch with a friend. That was nice. On the way back I ran into some very unexpected traffic going South. There is a sox game so I expected the traffic to be north-bound – people coming into the city. With no other reason for the traffic, I figured […]

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  • The Real Mike Brum

    I got a weird email that I found amusing… so I responded to it. I actually got a response to my response while writing this. ———————————–From: Joann Wieland [mailto:*********] Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2005 3:47 PMTo: Mike BrumSubject: Party Hi Mike, I’m sending this out because I wanted to get some info from you on […]

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  • It’s-a-Me – Vroom Vroom

    Today I got my Super Nintendo. I got Mario Kart on Friday, so I’ve been waiting anxiously to play it. Such a fun game. I also have F-Zero and Super Mario Land – which are both great games. I also got something from my ninja amazon order. I’m still waiting on the swords… don’t know […]

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  • Webcam Update

    Ok, so I got my hands on some software called Active WebCam that lets you run more than one cam and has individual settings. So far, it’s working well and I haven’t had any problems. The GUI for the application sucks something horrible, but it’s more on the ugly side than not being functional. I […]

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  • Cursed Technology

    So I hooked up a new USB hub not too long ago and went through all sorts of trouble with my wireless mouse. No idea what’s up, but it seems that if I disconnect it, I have to reinstall the driver software. That’s really friggin’ strange. Ah well, got that sorted out and fixed a […]

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  • Be A Ninja On The Cheap…

    Amazon never ceases to impress me – they now sell all sorts of crazy stuff under a “Martial Arts” section of their site. It might have been there for a while, but I just found it. Need to be a ninja in a few days but currently don’t have any of the gear? Amazon will […]

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