• Spending Money

    I just bought a SNES from eBay and a few games (Super Mario Land, Super Mario Kart and F-Zero). I don’t think this falls under the realm of things that I need, but I sure did want one. My next console purchase will likely be a Turbo Grafx 16 console (not the Turbo Duo). I’m […]

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  • Pictures From Hawaii

    As you know, I’m back from Hawaii. Let’s do the picture thing. Here’s a great assortment of the turtle beach. There was only one actually on the beach, but there were tons of them actually in the water just a few feet out. You’d see heads and shells pop up now and again as they […]

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  • Hawaii Bound

    Ok, leaving for Hawaii at 7:00am tomorrow and I’m leaving to meet up with my friend for 4:00am (so I’ll be leaving here around 3:30am). I’ll probably have limited access while away, but if not, I’ll be back on the 28th. I expect to have a bunch of photos and that will probably take a […]

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  • Oh Yeah… Fireworks…

    So here’s some pics from the fireworks display from last night. Remember that these were taken from my phone, so they’re not the best but very good for a camera phone that’s not even the best out there. We got fireworks, some pics of Marria and I and the dog we were sitting near for […]

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  • Quick BBQ Update

    Went to the BBQ in Pittsfield on Saturday. That was a really good time. Got to see a lot of good friends that I don’t have enough opportunities to see. While that sucks, it’s always good to see friends. I ended up taking off later that night and not crashing there, but I think that […]

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  • *yawn* *stretch*

    So it’s 7am and I’m awake. Not cool. I have a 10:30 phone interview thing with the team lead for a position I’m going for at work. Well, to be honest, nobody has even really figured out what this role’s job will be exactly and what work it will entail, so hopefully we can pan […]

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