• You Won’t Notice Changes

    So I had to make some changes to the script that I run on my server to import entries into my blog after they get FTP’ed from IAM. I neglected to pay attention to the changes that Shannon made to the FTP software and I was just blindly importing the data into my database. I […]

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  • It’s Nice To Feel Productive

    Thursday at work was just crazy busy. It was all the mundane “this crap needs to get done” stuff, so it had little redeeming value. Friday, however, was much different. I spent pretty much the whole day writing and testing a deployment method for our software for one customer that is simply unable to get […]

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  • 8 bit Madness

    The past few days have been pretty good. Friday was nuts. I got into work and had to deal with one of my most annoying customers for about 4 hours. They were “demanding someone be on site on Monday morning to fix everything!” even though today is a holiday and the majority of the problems […]

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  • Sick

    Was in bed sick all day yesterday. I was probably awake for about 5-6 or so hours the entire day. I had a fever that probably broke around 2:00am last night.I’m feeling hundreds of times better now though. My major complain is that my back is crazy sore from being in bed so long. Hopefully […]

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  • Always Working…

    Maybe not “always”, but since I don’t have a huge diversity in the things that I do, many of my hobbies are very similar to my vocation. I’ve been working on a friend’s computer that shit the bed a few days ago. It simply wouldn’t boot up. I had him try to restore the files […]

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  • Carwash

    In line for a carwash. I’ll likely swing by my dad’s after this and replace a few lights that are out on my car. Other than that, I’m probably going to do some chainmaille, try to clean and try to stay awake. [This entry posted via iam.slow-fi]

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  • Rejuvinated

    I feel much better this morning after getting to bed around 11:30p and getting up at 9:00a. Certainly a lot healthier. I’m still feeling slightly tired, but I’ll certainly be able to deal with that. Not to mention, that’ll likely be zapped once I get outside in the cold. I’ll be calling the dealership today […]

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  • wash, rinse, repeat

    Found out the problem with the car. Turns out there’s a fuel tank sensor that is failing. If it does fail, then the computer won’t draw fuel – which would be bad. Unfortunately, they don’t have one – so they will order one and I’ll be back likely on Friday. They are wrapping things up […]

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  • Let the waiting begin…

    So I’m in line and hanging out in the waiting room. I’ll probably be here for at least 1 – 1.5 hrs. before I know what’s going on. At that point I find out if I need to rent a car or if I get my car today.

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