• Bah

    Well… up at 5:00am tomorrow, so I’m crashing soon. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day :( Hopefully it won’t be expensive on top of being very long… and hopefully I’ll be in cellular range and will be able to get online while I wait. So many things can make tomorrow a lot […]

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  • PSA #742

    Turning on your hazard lights does not allow you to park illegally. Had to do some running around yesterday in Boston (hadn’t been downtown in a while) and it’s absolutely insane the number of people that just park their cars in highly illegal and otherwise dangerous spots and turn on their hazards as if to […]

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  • 1′s and 0′s

    So I just wrapped up that other script that I was talking about yesterday. For the geek types, here’s what it does: 1) it will take input from an HTML form for a huge list of product IDs and the new quantities in the warehouse 2) it will parse all that input and dump it […]

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  • What a day…

    Today was crazy stupid busy. We had some problems that had the call volume through the roof and also had some people out – so we got slammed coming and going. Ugh. Got an hour and a half to relax and just let things settle… which is nice. Going to do some programming when I […]

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  • A Wash…

    Tonight wasn’t personally productive. I spent most of it scripting a process to fix some problems a friend was having with his online store. Basically, he gets a bunch of model numbers and puts it into Excel and then imports it with some utility for the online shopping cart system he has. Problem is, some […]

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  • More Chainmaille Stuff

    Feel free to let me know if you’re sick of hearing about this stuff. I’m in the mood to upload pictures and it’s kinda what I got to work with. I learned a new weave tonight. It’s called Half Persian 3-in-1. What does that mean? Well, it’s a member of the Persian family of weaves […]

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  • Finished Project #1

    I finished my first chainmaille project. This small bag (that I’m probably going to keep dice in) uses 672 16g 1/4″ rings and 1 16g 5/16″ ring (that one being the “queen ring” – the one at the very bottom). I’m considerably happier with this one than I am with the other that I was […]

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  • Quick Story

    It snowed up here last night. It was snowing as I was heading home last night at 8:00. Most of 95 had a decent amount of snow on it. For a stretch, traffic was backed up behind some salt trucks. At a certain point, they pulled off an exit (likely to salt the other side […]

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  • If I woke up looking like that I’d walk towards the nearest living thing… and kill it.

    I’ve been making steady progress with the chainmaille stuff. About 2 weeks ago I completed a small bag out of 16g 3/8″ rings. I didn’t like it – the rings are just too big and make the bag look sloppy. I decided to switch to 16g 1/4″ rings and make a second bag. It’s not […]

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  • How Not To Start A Phone Conversation

    When you call someone that cares about you, please don’t start the conversation with this line, “How deep does a cut have to be before you need to get stitches?” It just makes them worry about you. Changing gears a bit… it’s been a long time since I’ve had stitches (excluding the stitches when I […]

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