• And Waiting

    I’m at the shop now waiting for everyone to finish up working. After the shop closes we’re going to go out to Amy’s and do the New Year’s thing there. I’ve already been asked what my resolution is. Here’s my answer – “I don’t ‘do’ resolutions”. Why? Because I believe if you’ve identified something as […]

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  • Let the Fun Begin

    Morning’s been good so far. Got up, got food, got Marria to the train and then got home. I’ve since got the dog walked, got the trash taken out and got 2 loads of laundry in the washer. In about 25 minutes I’ll get the clothes in the dryer (assuming the person that has clothes […]

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  • Patching Holes

    So I’ve been doing lots of coding around here lately and I realized that I had a rather wide open security hole when it came to deleting diary entries. Granted that I still had the “security through obscurity” screen that most people wouldn’t see through, but for anyone that was rather persistant or had half […]

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  • Sausage At 11:00

    It’s 11:00p and I’m polishing off a sausage that I just fried up. Mmm… sausage. It’s not going to do anything friendly for the crazy heartburn I’ve had lately, but it sure does make me happy. I got a response from the trouble ticket I opened with my webhost about the weird PHP error earlier. […]

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  • Crazy Busy

    Today was crazy busy for me. I got stuck on some long calls and ended up being on the phone until the minute that I left (and the phones switch to another office 2 hours before I leave). I did, however, solve a problem for a customer that had been haunting us for a LONG […]

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  • Sleep Time

    I got a lot done on my website tonight. I tried adding a function to watermark the images that are uploaded to the server, but it appears that one of the functions I use in PHP isn’t working on my webhost for some super bizarre reason. I submitted a trouble ticket, but we’ll see how […]

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  • Progress Progress

    I had a mock “single diary entry” module written earlier today while at work and it was working kinda OK. It did what I needed…. well, it did what I thought I needed it to do at the time. Unfortunately, when I gave the situation some thought, it was far too specific and couldn’t easily […]

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  • Another Busy Day

    It’s been another busy day at work. Blech. At least the phones won’t be ringing in 45 minutes. I worked through a few calls that were in the queue while everyone else is on longer calls and have managed to get a few minutes of downtime. While on some longer calls today I’ve been able […]

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  • Busy Morning

    Been busy and I finally have a few minutes to ramble before leaving. Got ready for work, did a bunch of INS stuff, filled out some bills, figured out my finances and did some mundane TOS stuff. Now it’s off to walk the dog, stop by the post office and then get to work. Yesterday […]

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  • Christmasy

    Gotta be at my mom’s at about 1:00. Then we eat and watch everyone do presents. I hope my mom is in good spirits since it’s been such a short time since my grandmother passed away and she’s really sensitive to things like that. If nothing else, I think she should be too busy to […]

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