• The Run Around

    Just got into work. I’m 10 minutes early, but 50 minutes later than I had planned. I need to leave work about an hour early today – so I hope it’s not an issue. We’ll just have to see about that. So the reason I’m late is because I got caught up with Sprint today. […]

    Nov 30th, 2004 | Filed under Archive
  • The Bad And The Good

    On Saturday my phone (a Treo 300) developed a severe problem – the flip lid grew a long crack where it connects to the hinge (which is spring-loaded). This means that every time I try to open the lid, the force of the spring (which is pretty strong all things considered) wants to keep it […]

    Nov 29th, 2004 | Filed under Archive
  • On the bus

    This is the first time I’ve taken the bus to take the train downtown since moving here. So far, so good. I’m meeting a friend that’s recently gotten out of the peace corps. His time was cut short because the opal mines he was helping locals manage had its rights sold to an outside corporation […]

    Nov 27th, 2004 | Filed under Archive
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