• Wages Of Sin

    Here’s a pic that I took two summers ago at the House of Blues…

    Jan 15th, 2003 | Filed under Archive
  • Are YOU an IT Professional?

    I just got done configuring my mirroring backup scheme for my computer. It’s not overly sophisticated – but sometimes the best solution for a problem is a simple one. I have two hard disks in my machine and I set up a simple mirror from a partition on one to a partition on another. I’m […]

    Jan 8th, 2003 | Filed under Archive
  • Webpage PITA

    So at some point my webpage crapped out last night as some of you might have noticed. No idea what happened since it was working earlier in the evening. I was able to do all of the debugging of the issue but since it was hosted on someone other than my own server, I was […]

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  • 2003

    Wow – it’s 2003 – where’d 2002 go? It was a good year that left me with some really good things. The best of all is my new wife that I love so much! I also got a great new job that’s going to do a lot of good things for my carrear and some […]

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