• Vacation

    I’m in Canada now. Marria is off at work for a few hours so I’m taking this opportunity to check messages, do an update (obviously) and just relax in general. I’m still feeling rather horrible from this nasty sinus cold but I’ve been noticing some slight improvements and I hope that the end is coming […]

    Nov 24th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • Fun Show Tonight

    Saw Dog Fashion Disco, Deadsy and Mindless Self Indulgence tonight. Very fun show! DFD was great – the were the main reason I went to the show. I would have liked them to have played a longer set, but they were still really good! Deadsy was really flat. They really weren’t overly animated (not that […]

    Nov 17th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • Quite A Day

    So, yesterday started off a bit shakey… after that was mostely dealt with, I left for the train. Guess what – I missed it. Seems the MBTA (the people that run the public transit over here) changed the commuter rail schedule on 11/4 but never updated their website. So the train that I was catching […]

    Nov 11th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • Crazy Emus

    Last summer a bunch of us – Marria, Shannon, Rachel, Jon and Shannon’s sister – went to a petting zoo not too far out of Toronto. A bunch of us posted a bunch of pics a few months ago. Well, one of the things that happened was 2 emus that were there were going NUTS […]

    Nov 10th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • Who Fucked Up My Colors?

    Oh yeah, that was me. I got bored and started changing shit around and now this is what I’m left with. I’m not sure if I like it or not but I’m going to leave it for a while. If you have the inclination – leave a message.

    Nov 1st, 2002 | Filed under Archive
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