• Alive? Yup, I’m Alive.

    Well, it’s been over 3 weeks since I last updated. As you recall from my past update, I was waiting on an order for some computer parts. Unfortunately, those guys were incompetent assholes and not only sat on an incomplete order for a week and a half without letting me know, but then failed to […]

    Oct 27th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • Yup, Still Alive

    Wow, the past short while has kept me VERY busy. The past few weeks at work have been nothing but crazy and exhausting. Not bad, just very nutty. Other pieces of news: my computer crapped out on me and I’ve been running around trying to get everthing to work properly. I have an old instal […]

    Oct 3rd, 2002 | Filed under Archive
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