• Week…. of hell…

    Last week was horrible… I just worked way too much! *hopefully* this week won’t be as crazy and I might be able to work on some of the other non-work related projects that I have floating around. Wish me luck… I might need it!!

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  • Hello? Are you there?

    I’m beginning to think that fewer and fewer people view my page, even though I’ve been adding more and more images and I’m updating more frequently than I used to. *shrug* Not much I can do about it either way. But feel free to always leave a message if you have a minute! So, I […]

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  • *Great News*

    I just received some mail today from INS that they have approved Marria’s visa and that it’s going to be sent to the consulate, probably Montreal. She should be here by November, December the latest. This is the best news we could have possibly gotten!!!

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  • 2nd Sitting

    Well, Joe did more work on my tattoo today. We added in the 4th foot (which most people didn’t realize was missing until I mentioned it) and all the scales on the body. So far, I’ve had a bunch of very positive feedback on everything. Drop me a note about what you think about it!

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  • Museum Fun

    I went to the museum with a few friends tonight and I took a bunch of pics. Turns out that they allow cameras as long as they’re not for any commercial or professional use and you don’t use a tripod or flash. Either way, here’s a TON of pics from the MFA – Enjoy!

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  • Back From Toronto

    Well, I’m back from Toronto. We made great time getting home and I pulled in around 5:30. The usual festivities ensued and a good time was had by all. The worse part, per usual was saying good bye to Marria. The end of this won’t come soon enough. We just want to be together – […]

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