• Boo…

    All I have to say is “Boo Pennsylvania!“

    Aug 30th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • Joe’s Snake

    Oh – so here’s a few pics of Joe’s snake. I usually play with it every time I go over there… I need a snake of my own!

    Aug 27th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • More New Ink

    This weekend my friend Joe put some ink in my leg (in the form of a tattoo for those that don’t understand the subtle reference) on Saturday. It’s a damn cool pseudo-traditional oriental dragon that he drew up. He’s a damn impressive artist when motivated and still really good when not (like Nick – though […]

    Aug 27th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • *Enhancements To The New Feature*

    Now, when you view the gallery you also get a link with the diary entry that the image was uploaded to (to see the context the image was uploaded in). It’s nothing huge, but single-entry queries are something that I’ve been meaning to write in and now it’s tied into the gallery too. Whee…

    Aug 22nd, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • **New Feature – Gallery**

    I created a new feature tonight. It’s a gallery of all the images that I’ve uploaded to my different diaryes. You can view them via the Images link to the side. My next step is going to be to link them to the diary entry that they were initally uploaded to, but that’ll take a […]

    Aug 22nd, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • What To Do With The Gallery…

    Well, if anyone has been to my image gallery anytime recently, you’ll notice that virtually every picture in there is HORRIBLY out of date. Most of them are over a year old. Now, if you come here anywhere close to “regularly” (no matter what the frequency is) you’ll notice that I’ve been uploading images to […]

    Aug 16th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • Just For Fun

    Here’s a little something just for fun. I really like skulls… a lot

    Aug 15th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • Where Have I Been?

    Well, this past week has been busy. My current roommate is moving out so I’ve been placing ads and just getting the word out that I need a new roommate for Sept 1st. This weekend and last night I’ve seen about 10 people for the place and I think I’ve made my final decision and […]

    Aug 13th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
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