• Today was a good day…

    Well, today has been just a *good* day all around. I got some good news in the mail along with called the jewelry shop about some tusks they’re making for Mariah and I and they should be in the mail tomorrow AM. Mariah also got some important mail that I sent to her last week. […]

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  • *up for air*

    Well, this week has been simply crazy. I was at work on Monday until about 10:30pm. That wasn’t fun. Today may simply be another super long day too. Blah. At least it’s money in my pocket, right? So, aside from this ridiculous schedule, work has been going well and as you can see I’m getting […]

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  • Look mommy – I’m glowing…

    If you live in the states, you really should check this link out: It’s pretty sick looking at the numbers. I like my hair… I don’t want it to fall out.

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  • New Ink

    Well, I got some more work done on my sleeve. Got the black work done and all taken care of. My arm is mad stingy tonight! I wanted the black done before the wedding so it’s at an intelligent point to take a break since I don’t want the color 1/2 done in the pictures. […]

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  • Productivity

    Well, I’ve been pretty productive the past couple of days. I went through over 200 images that I had taken when in Canada and I submitted almost all of them to BME last night. It was 2 zip files that were over 120megs total. I know .jpgs don’t zip all that well, but when you […]

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  • Sleeve Pause

    Well, Kim, my artist, was very sick this weekend and my tat appointment has been changed until this upcoming Sunday, 1/9. I’m not too disappointed, though I’m even more anxious to get the work done! At least I didn’t have to wait another month – which is about how long it is to book her […]

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