• WebCam Go!

    Well, the webcam is now back online. I have no idea what went wrong but I spent a few minutes untangling all of my USB cords and I re-plugged it in and re-installed the drivers. Oddly, I’m getting A LOT worse images with it than I did before it went dead. I’m going to look […]

    May 30th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • On Thoughts of College

    Here’s something I wrote when talking about “the college experience” with Nick: The “college experience” is a huge sham that is as detatched from the “real world” as high school is – just in a different way. It’s quasi-accountability wrapped around a bare minimum of responsibility marketed as “adulthood”. All for $20k – $30k a […]

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  • So Here’s The Scoop…

    Tomorrow I’m flying out to Ottawa to spend about a week with Mariah. This is very good news. We’re going to be driving to Toronto and hang out with the crew at IWasCured on Sunday and then attend a BME bbq on Monday. Both of those things should be extremely cool and we’re both really […]

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  • Busy Lil’ Bee

    Ok, so I stayed up ridiculously late last night and fiddled with things throughout the site. I didn’t do any other major changes, but fixed a few aesthetic things and also removed the second webcam pic on the a href=””>webcam page since I’m no longer running two of them. Hell, I barely run one of […]

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  • Me? Program?

    Well, today’s the first day in virtually forever since I’ve done any programming. If you’ve ever posted a “comment” on my page, you know that when you do, you get an email and you have to follow the link and the comment is set “active”. Ok, so maybe I’m a bit paranoid. Maybe. What I’m […]

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  • Just some random fun…

    So, since I realized that I haven’t been updating here almost at all, I figure I’ll throw a few pics this way. The first is of my new desktop image. Many of you will recognize that comging from this site with a twist from me. (fyi – the blue on the screen is glare) The […]

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  • Me? Lazy?

    It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been busy with the new job and just crap in general. Looks like I’ll have more free time for a while until I head to Ottawa/Toronto for close to a week. Other than that, I’m still around. Drop me a message if you need me.

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