• Greetings From Germany…

    No, I’m not in Germany, but I did get a message from Hanno earlier today in regards to my Pop Up Window Tutorial all the way from Germany. My site doesn’t get loads of hits or anything like that. Something like 5 – 20 per day on average (some of which being from me). But […]

    Apr 24th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • Pictures From My Trip

    Here are pictures from my Ottawa trip. The first 21 pics are of Turtle Island, the place that Mariah and I are getting married at this summer. It’s really nice and the pictures don’t do it justice. They’re also currently cleaning things up from the winter and it’s just going to be that much nicer […]

    Apr 21st, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • Mmmm… New Ink…

    Ok, I took a few pics as I said I would and as I specifically promised Mariah (plus she took a couple for me and it’s only fair :) So, FYI – the vast, vast majority of it is just grey-lined, so don’t worry about the lines in terms of thickness, etc. It’s just a […]

    Apr 19th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
  • T-Minus…

    I’m not sure exactly how long it is until my plane leaves, but I know it departs a bit before 9:00am tomorrow morning. So, somewhere in the area of 19 hours or so. Yes, I’m very excited. So, I’m doing laundry right now and after that, just a bit of packing and I’m all done. […]

    Apr 9th, 2002 | Filed under Archive
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