• Weekend Prospects…

    Well, it’s Thursday (and also pay day). Too bad rent’s due. Eh. Tonight, I’m going to be getting some food with Kel and her friend Danilla. Kel’s going back to Florida next week, so gotta say some good byes. Then on Saturday, it looks like I’ll be bussing down to Newport again to get all […]

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  • FriendTest Thing…

    I made one of those friend quiz things. Feel free to check it out here: Some people (namely Pat and Elly) have decided to take the quiz twice. Elly did after finding out a few things, but Pat did after I basically told him all the right answers :) So taking that into account, […]

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  • **Geek Alert**

    This weekend wasn’t too bad. When I got home from work on Friday, I had received two items I had won from eBay, a 4-port router and a 10/100 LAN / Modem card for my (Mariah’s) laptop. Since I wanted to stay online, I decided to futz with the laptop and get that all set […]

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  • Sportin’ The Double-Flairs…

    I’ve been wanting to get the pair of 3/4″ double flairs in that Mariah left me when she stretched up to 1″. They just haven’t been giving at all. I got the 3/4″ non-flared acrylics to a point where there’s no problem at all. They slide in and out without any pressure at all. A […]

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  • My Day Off…

    Well, it’s President’s Day or some crap so I didn’t have work. Can’t beat a free day off. Anyhow, I rolled out of bed around 1:00 or so. I just continued to go back to sleep after I woke up. I can’t say it’s a bad thing. I stayed up rather late most nights since […]

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  • Me – Addicted to the Internet? NEVER!

    I grabbed this from Nick’s LiveJournal. It’s surprisingly accurate… though I think I can do better next time! Are you Addicted to the Internet?77%  Hardcore Junkie (61% - 80%)While you do get a bit of sleep every night and sometimes leave the house, you spend as much time as you can online. You usually have a browser, chat […]

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  • Webcam Not Fixed…

    Well, I futzed around with the webcam last night. For some reason it wasn’t fixed. Well, I guess the *real* reason was because I didn’t do it right. But what I did *should* have worked. Hmm… I think I need to re-do my page header & footer. I currently have it so that from the […]

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  • Webcam Fix

    I think I know what I can do to fix my webcam page. I just got into work a few minutes ago (it’s just past 8), so I can’t work on it here. But I’m mainly writing this as a reminder to myself to get my ass around to fixing it tonight, so don’t mind […]

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  • mySQL

    I think I REALLY need to pick up a book on mySQL soon. I’ve undertaken the task of trying to set up a developement server here at home. Now that’s a pain in the ass! I have PWS set up without issue. I then installed PHP and that’s working fine (finally). Now, Ive installed mySQL. […]

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  • Testing

    Well, I’m going to be futzing around with this image crap… hopefully I’ll figure something out. Well, the first pic of my fat forehead is black and white. B&W pics seem to take thumbs just fine. The color pics, on the other hand, aren’t so forgiving. I’ve tried playing with the resolution of the picture […]

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