• Yeah, I’m Tired…

    I’m definately tired. I tried to go to bed *early* last night… that didn’t work. I woke up at 2:00 for some strange reason and a couple other times before 7:00. Definately sucks. It’s left me particularly exhausted today, and it’s only 10am. In other news, both of my lobes are now at 3/4″ – […]

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  • Septum Update

    Well, my septum feels 100x better than it did on Saturday and considerably less achey than yesterday. Two VERY good things in my book. The only *bad* part is that I was cleaning it this morning and it was all kinds of nasty. Not just *some* kinds of nasty – ALL OF THEM! I’m sure […]

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  • My Nose Fuckin’ Hurts…

    Well, my septum is at 4g right now. I stretched it up finally last night. God did that fucking hurt. I got a taper in with little problem and only slight stinging. Then I got a plug that went in after it and it only got through about 1/2 way. How fucking lovely. On top […]

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  • I’m Still Alive

    Yup, I’m still here. Just haven’t posted in a bit. My online presence has wained a bit the past week or so. It comes and goes, so it’s no big deal. I’m having a strange urge to re-arrange my room. I have no plans this weekend, so it might be a viable project. We’ll see […]

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  • Body Jewelry For Sale

    I added three items to the BME jewelry classifieds that are too small for me: 1/2″ Stainless Taper – $20 5/8″ Bamboo Plugs – $25 9g(ish) Stainless Tusk (real cute!) – $15 I can take some other pics if anyone wants. Just be sure to click the thumbnails to see a full-sized image. Shipping’s free […]

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  • Just Some Fun Links…

    Well, it’s Wednesday and today’s going by fairly well. Work’s moderately busy which is “just about right” in terms of work load and how the day moves by. But for those of you that things are moving slowly for (and that’s probably why you’ve come to my site), here’s some links: Dark Energy – Here’s […]

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  • Go Webcam – GO!

    Well, I’ve turned at least one of the webcams back on. I’m not sure of the second one because it slows my computer down a lot. Maybe I’ll turn it on when I’m not doing that much. Either way, it’s been about a month since they’ve been on. Seems that Mariah doesn’t like living under […]

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  • Progress = Good

    I spent some time today screwing around with headers and footers. I’m pleased to say that they’re both working excellently! Actually, the main page is now running with the new header and footer without issue. I had to spend some time futzing around with it though. Here’s the deal for the programming types: PHP has […]

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  • Site Overhaul Planned

    Starting sometime next week over the course of a week or two I have some big changes planned. Unfortunately for everyone, I don’t have any aesthetic changes on the board right now. The vast majority of them are going to be getting rid of the .shtml files and replacing all of them with .phtml files […]

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  • Computer Fun…

    Well, I got the laptop that Larry hooked me up with running on my network with no issue. Very cool. It has a small HD, so I don’t have a lot on it, but I’m working within my limitations. I do need to get some more RAM though. 16M isn’t going to cut it for […]

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