• A Day In The Life…

    Well, today was good fun and rather productive. First thing, I shaved my goat… no, not goat as in farm animal, but goat as in facial hair. See… The second thing is that I have a new piece of jewelry adorning my chin where the facial hair once was. See… And just for fun, here’s […]

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  • Merry Xmas

    …and all that crap.

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  • Wow… 2 Days Until Xmas

    Well, there’s only two day to xmas. Unfortunately, I still have shopping to do. It’s not a lot, just one thing for my mom, but it’s still shopping and I still have to face the crowds and the mall. Boo to that! I think laundry is also planned for tonight – another big boo! But […]

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  • We’re’ve I been?

    I’ll tell you where I’ve been, I’ve been at home and at work. The only difference is that Mariah’s down, so a lot more of my “spare time” isn’t spent sitting idly in front of the computer any longer. (and thank goodness for that!) Tonight will be spent doing some xmas shopping and I think […]

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  • This Time Tomorrow…

    …I’ll be happier than I’ve been in the past month and a half. Mariah had some things fall into place so we decided to bump her flight up a week! I’m SO excited! This means she’ll be staying from 12/14 to 1/13. That’s so great! I spent most of tonight cleaning up. The bathroom was […]

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  • On A Happier Note…

    In an attempt to change the tone of my last message (which was particularly foul), I’ll give a bit of good news. Last night I set up my second webcam on the newest computer in my network. For one reason or another, when the webcam was running on the server, it was freezing the hell […]

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  • This Is Me Being Pissed Off

    The same fucking guy fucked up the water again. I am severely pissed off right now. WHAT THE FUCK! How can you make the same fucking mistake twice over the course of a week’s time? How much of a stupid shithead are you????? I’m seriously ready to go off the fucking wall. I called the […]

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  • New Feature Added

    I added a new feature to the Haiku Page. It’s not a “huge” addition, but now you can view 10 random haiku at a time instead of having to go from page to page to page. My next step is going to be to add a fully functional search feature that’ll allow you to search […]

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  • Yup, It’s Snowing

    Well, the snow’s coming down outside. I fuckin’ hate snow. Stupid winter in stupid New England. Anyhow, I added a new computer to my network today. It was probably the easiest setup of a computer I’ve gone through yet. Not to say that every computer I’ve set up has had issues, this one was just […]

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  • Debuggin’ Away

    I did some low-level debugging of my nav bar at the bottom of the page. I’m sure nobody will notice the difference or even care, but I fixed it despite the fact that it was more aesthetic than a logic issue. Oh well… I guess what’s more important is that I’m keeping in practice and […]

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