• Digital Camera Advice

    Well, I’ve been researching different digital cameras for a while. There’s so many of them out there that it makes choosing *one* rather difficult. Right now, I’m feeling rather partial to the Sony Mavica MVC-FD92. It has some VERY nice features and looks really solid. I’ve only heard positive things about Sony’s Mavica line of […]

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  • Looking for that special gift?

    Well, it’s holiday time, which means that most of you running around crazy searching for that special something for that special someone. Have I found the gift for you… Turd Twister Check it out… if nothing else… you’ll be amused.

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  • Fuck I’m Tired

    It’s Tuesday and there’s not much going on. I’m VERY tired right now from some of the worse sleep in a while on Sunday night and very little sleep on Monday night. Hopefully tonight will help put an end to that, though I’m doubting it. I really don’t have a whole lot to say, actually. […]

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  • Sunday Update

    Well, it’s Sunday. This weekend has been relatively boring all things considered. On Friday when I got home from work, I went to town on that whole virus thing. I downloaded the trial version of McAfee Virus Scan and then got all of the updates to the dat files and scanned and cleaned the server […]

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  • Virii Fun…

    Well, on Wednesday night, I noticed that I was suddenly getting all these whacky files all over the place in EVERY folder on all of my drives. What pray tell could this be – a virus of course! So, yesterday was spent with my parents in their respective homes and wasting a bunch of time […]

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  • Phase II – Also Complete!

    Well, this weekend was a rather productive one for me. I managed to screw around with the network again and actually broke it down a few times and changed things up. I also did some research online about internet sharing. I found a few good “How To’s” about the subject and learned a bit about […]

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  • Phase 1 – Complete

    Well, last night was 1/2 successful. I got the network running without issue. I can access both computers from the other and have all the permissions set up right. It really wasn’t all that much of a problem and took less than an hour to do. I’m somewhat impressed, but that’s where the good news […]

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  • Productivity Is Good

    As the subject says, productivity is good. I spent a good chunk of last night setting up a computer for Mariah for when she gets here (December 21). I wiped a drive that used to have Linux on it and then went to fdisk it. Well… that didn’t work. Reason why, is that Linux requires […]

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  • Another Crash – In Queens

    Looks like another plane has gone down. There’s a bunch of people flipping out and really paranoid right now at work. (I work at an investment firm in Boston) I’m always surprised at how easily people freak out and will search for any link from two events that they can. Just because a plane crashes […]

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  • Email or No Email?

    Ok… I’m asking for some feedback here. How much of a pain in the ass is it to receive an email and respond to it to set your comments to ‘active‘? Does it keep you from responding more than you would otherwise? Just looking for input, thanks. One more thing… I just created an update […]

    Nov 9th, 2001 | Filed under Archive
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