• Happy Halloween

    Well, it’s Halloween. No real big deal for me since I don’t intend on getting dressed up or going to any bars. I think I’m going to stop by my friend Steph’s for a little while tonight, but nothing too involved. Other than that, there’s not a whole lot going on. Just the same ol’, […]

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  • The Weekend Plus A Bit

    Well, it’s Tuesday and it’s been a few days since my last update. Let’s recap… Friday was generally uneventful, but I needed a rest from my super Canada trip anyhow. I was spent! Saturday was cool. I hung out with Joe, which is always a good time, and Hippolito stopped by too. Joe showed me […]

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  • Haiku Is Back!!

    I have finished writing the new Haiku Page. You’ll notice a much better viewing feature. Currently, it will display 10 per page, the most recently submitted first. I will be adding a random feature soon and then a search feature to up the capabilities. Please feel free to check it out and submit one or […]

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  • Great Weekend

    Well, I haven’t really been around since last Thursday. From Friday 10/19 to Tuesday 10/23, I was in Canada. (mainly Toronto, but briefly in Ottawa) I spent the whole thing with Mariah and had a GREAT time! We also got to visit some friends while we were in TO. Out of those few days, I’m […]

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  • T-Minus 18 Hours And Counting

    Well, in roughly 18 hours I depart for Canada for a few days. I really can’t wait! I have a lot of stuff to do tonight, so it’s going to be a bit hectic. But my excitement should keep me moving despite it all. I have to head into Harvard Sq. to get a 4g […]

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  • Big Countdown

    Well, here it is Tuesday and I’m already counting down for my trip this weekend. I’m leaving early Friday morning to pick up the rental car and then heading up to Ottawa to pick up Mariah. I really can’t wait! Then it’s off to Toronto for a few days of fun and friends. A few […]

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  • I Need Spell Check

    Well, I’ve noticed that I have a few typos in my last couple of entries. Oops! This is a nice reminder of the next feature that I need to write… an entry update form. It’s really not overly difficult, so I can’t imagine it taking me more than a night to do. I just have […]

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  • More Programming Fun

    I’m now working on re-doing my Haiku Page and porting it over to a mySQL database. I’m probably about 90% done. I hope to be able to finish it tonight and tweek and refine it later this week. Shouldn’t be too difficult… I hope.

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  • It’s Done!!!

    I’m VERY impressed with myself!!! I have succeeded in creating a progran that’ll allow me to submit updates to the site via an online form and will be stored in a database. Not only does it automatically update, but I wrote, what I consider, a very nice navigation function that’ll allow you to scroll through […]

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  • The First Entry

    This is my first entry on the new diary program. Most of the script is still not done, but I need one entry to work with. Hopefully, this won’t be too difficult to do…

    Oct 7th, 2001 | Filed under Archive
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